Acupuncture is a 4,000-year-old healing modality that facilitates deep healing from the inside out. Pain, whether physical or emotional, stems from stagnation. Acupuncture stimulates the body's resources in order to unblock adhesions, and promote unobstructed flow of the body's energy and fluids, enabling the body to efficiently heal itself. 

Acupuncture (which involves stimulating acu points of the body with fine, sterile needles) is one healing technique within Traditional Chinese Medicine, a comprehensive, natural health care system that effectively treats a wide array of concerns.  

The Chinese Medicine practitioner engages a sophisticated diagnostic system that considers the whole person, discerns the body's pattern of disharmony, and treats the underlying cause. The treatment addresses both the root of the problem and presenting symptoms, engendering health, wholeness, and improved quality of life.

In addition to acupuncture, Chinese Medicine incorporates other important healing modalities including cupping, moxa, Tuina message, and internal and external herbal medicine. 


External Herbal Medicine

External herbal formulations effectively treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. These specially formulated liniments (alcohols infused with herbs) and salves (oil-based herbal preparations) are massaged into the injury site to promote healing.  

External herbal formations treat first stage soft tissue injuries (recent injuries that are red, hot, painful, and swollen) including sprains (ligament injuries) and muscle and tendon injuries.  These acute stage liniments and salves simultaneously reduce swelling, enhancing circulation to the area (bringing healing blood cells and nutrients to the injury site), and minimize pain.

Not only do herbal liniments and salves help acute injuries heal quickly and fully, but they help subacute injuries (injuries lingering for weeks to months with some pain and minor residual swelling) as well.

Further, external herbal medicines can effectively facilitate recovery from chronic conditions that present with aching pain, stiffness, and weakness in joints and soft tissues.

Internal Herbal Medicine

I commonly incorporate internal Chinese and Medicinal herbs into my treatment plan. I customize herbal formulas to suit the unique individual and their diagnostic pattern. Generally I prescribe herbal tinctures (herbs dissolved in alcohol or another liquid) or herbal teas (herbal granules dissolved in warm water and sipped as tea). 

It is important to me to source these herbs and herbal formulations from organic, and even local sources, when possible. 

Herbs are a balanced, gentle (few if any side effects), natural complement to acupuncture, that help facilitate faster healing.



Thoughtful and Thorough.

I was lucky enough to meet Annie during a time when my back was flared-up. She was very thoughtful and thorough in her assessment and treatment and I'm now symptom free. She is the first person I'll call if I get another flare-up. I highly recommend her services.

— A.S. (Madison Valley, Seattle WA)

Annie is great. She helped me throughout my pregnancy.

"Annie is great. She helped me throughout my pregnancy. I went to her when I was having nausea, ingestion, back pain, and headaches she helped alleviate all of my symptoms. Closer to the end of my pregnancy she helped get my body ready for labor and helped with any of the aches & pain that I had. She was very flexible with time to help me out and fit me in if I wasn't feeling well. Pregnancy is tough and Annie helped make it much better for me both before and after! I recommend Annie to all of my pregnant & non pregnant friends. Acupuncture is really helpful for me."

— A.B. (Madison Valley, Seattle WA)

Incredible healer.

"Annie is an incredible healer. She uses all kinds of modalities and knowledge and creates a relaxing, positive experience. She's taught me ways to take care of myself that I use everyday, from stretches to eating habits. She's a person."

— B.Q. (Madison Park, Seattle WA)

Open from within. Be Free. Be well. Make whole.