“Annie is an incredible healer.”

Annie is an incredible healer. She uses all kinds of modalities and knowledge and creates a relaxing, positive experience. She's taught me ways to take care of myself that I use everyday, from stretches to eating habits. She's a person.

— B.Q. (Madison Park, Seattle WA)

“Annie is great. She helped me throughout my pregnancy.”

Annie is great. She helped me throughout my pregnancy. I went to her when I was having nausea, ingestion, back pain, and headaches she helped alleviate all of my symptoms. Closer to the end of my pregnancy she helped get my body ready for labor and helped with any of the aches & pain that I had. She was very flexible with time to help me out and fit me in if I wasn't feeling well. Pregnancy is tough and Annie helped make it much better for me both before and after! I recommend Annie to all of my pregnant & non pregnant friends. Acupuncture is really helpful for me.

— A.B. (Madison Valley, Seattle WA)

She's very thoughtful and intuitive as she took the time to really listen to my body history/story. Initially, I went to her for jaw pain and anxiety but I'll be going to her for anything else that comes up! If you are looking around for acupuncture you should definitely go to Annie!

— K.L (Olympia, WA)


“She really listens, asks great questions and evaluates using the big picture.”

Annie is a delight to work with! I was new to acupuncture when I saw her and she made it such an easy and pleasant experience!

I went to see her due to some digestion, nausea and anxiety issues. She really listens, asks great questions and evaluates using the big picture. She not only used acupuncture, but provided a safe and relaxing space as well as diet and lifestyle tips that really helped.

I'd recommend her to anyone!

— A.R. (Capitol Hill, Seattle WA)

“Her warm, engaging, caring approach”

I have been one of Annie's clients for over a year. I followed her when she moved to her new practice location in the Arboretum/Madison Park area because of her expertise, her warm, engaging, and caring approach with her clients - and her personal touch to treatment and total health of her clients.

I recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncture practitioner!

— S.S. (Queen Anne, Seattle WA)


“I highly recommend her.”

I was lucky enough to meet Annie during a time when my back was flared-up. She was very thoughtful and thorough in her assessment and treatment and I'm now symptom free. She is the first person I'll call if I get another flare-up. I highly recommend her services.

— A.S. (Madison Valley, Seattle WA)

“What a great find!”

What a great find! Annie was very attentive during my entire visit with her. I left feeling both relaxed and revitalized. I can't wait to go back!

— K.F. (Madison Park, Seattle WA)


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